Calendar of Events

KYANA Activities

     for 2017

January 22 , 2017 Business Meeting                              Chester & Sandy Robertson
Febrary 12 , 2017 Derby Dinner Playhouse  Aletha Hayse
Febuary 19 2017 KYSWAP Buisness Meeting  Morgan Howard
March  10-12 KYSWAP Meet  Probst-Robertson
March  26 Appreciation Dinner   Mike & Jenni Mulrooney
 April  30  KYANA Derby Festival Cruise----Youth Orchestra   Molody & dennis-Buchholz
 May 12-13  AACA National Auburn IN.   Jim & Sandy Joseph
 May  21  Little Colonels Playhouse   Bob & Jane Burk
 May 26-27  AACA Spring Meet   Huntington, WV.   Jerry Bass
 May 27  St. Francis Car Show  Dwight Hardesty
 June 10  KYANA Yard Sale  Hill Families
 July 15  Train Ride and Dinner  Carl Johnson
 August 12  Country Music Show  Ruth Hill
 August 25  KYANA atthe Castle  Jim & Norma Woodall
August 26  Overlook Restaurant and Cave Trip  Alex & Rebecca Wilkins
 September  8-9 Red Boiling Springs Show  Glen & Marilyn Ray
 September  24  KYANA Picnic

 Jesse Foster


 September  30  Ponder Creek Estates  Cook Out  Roger stephan
 October 4-7  AACA Hershey, PA.  AACA
 October 21  Toys for Tots Breakfast  Dick & Julia Renders
 November 11  Vetrans Day Parade  Jason Robertson
 November 18  Fall Clean Up  Howard & Betty Hardin
 November 19  Awards & Elections  Jesse & Beverly Foster
 November 24  Light Up Louisville  Chester Robertson
 December 3  Adult Christmas Party  Hunt & Pat Palmer-Ball
 December 9  Children's Christmas Party  Jim & Kelly Kramer
 December 16  Christmas Country Music Show  David Hill