KYANA History


In the fall of 1955 with the news of the Glidden Tour to be held at French Lick, Indiana in the spring of '56, fourteen 'old car' buffs got together at the residence of John Caperton, to talk about forming a club for the appreciation of their automobiles. Attending this meeting were John and Allan Caperton, Robin and Willie Cooper, Al Domeck, Duke Rice, Dr. Harry Reed, Dr. Johnson, Bill Cheschier, Drackett McCurdy, Herb Gunnison, Paul Meyer, Don Rickard and Ed Huber. Everyone seemed genuinely enthused, and agreed to meet the following month at the old YMCA at 3rd and Broadway at which Time Kirk Rowell joined the group. A month later they held a 3rd meeting at the home of Herb Gunnison and Bob Seaton joined the group. John Caperton was elected to a two year term as President for 1956 and 1957.

At these first few meetings everyone got their cars together to show to one another, but in 56, they started taking short Saturday and Sunday afternoon trips.

They participated in the first Derby Parade, and gathered at the foot of 4th Street to welcome and talk to the people in the 200 cars that were participating in the Glidden Tour. They had rendezvoused on the River bank on their way to tour the new General Electric Plant.

After talking to many of these who were members of the AACA, it was decided to apply for Membership in the national' organization.

On January 12, 1957, the following members signed an application for a regional charter for a new Region of AACA to be known as the Kyana region which would be all of Kentucky and all of Indiana south of Route 50*:

John H. Caperton, John D. Chingren, Albert Domeck, Jr., J.C. Rice, J.K. Keyes D.D.S. (Middletown), J.L. Woods, John R. Smith, (Anchorage), J. Kenneth Hutcherson, John S. Harter, Clarence E. Quaife, Harry YH. Reid, D.B. Conett (Prospect), Milton S. Cooper (Prospect), Robin Cooper (Prospect), Wm. T. Cooper (Prospect), Wm B. Chesheir (Harrods Creek), Kieth Briscoe (Jeffersonville), J.M. Johnson, M.D. (Palmyra), Vincent E. Furness, Jr., Ed McCurdy (Prospect), H. Foster Embry (Prospect), L. Allen Caperton (Prospect), 22 in all.

The regional headquarters was 1113 Alta Vista Road, Louisville 5**, KY with John H. Caperton Director, Dr. J.M. Johnson assistant Director and Dr. Harry Reid Secretary/Treasurer.

*(the application stated that if this area included part of any now existing Region of AACA, that a release should be obtained from that region, if possible...this came into play later when Ted Aschman was Director and had a run-in with the national over the formation of the Bluegrass Region which was done without even notifying KYANA.

**This was before Zip Coding, and is now 40205.

On May 4th of 1957, the AACA accepted our charter and KYANA officially came in to existance, but the club was already going strong, with plans in the offing for overnight trips to Mammoth Cave, Red Boiling Springs, Indiana State Parks, etc.

Herb Gunnison was elected to lead the club for 1958 and 1959 as the club'smembership continued to grow.

In 1960, Albert Domeck became President and the by-laws was changed to make the President a Director as well as making the length of his term one year instead of two.

Alvin Weihe followed Albert Domeck in '61 and appointed Kirk Rowell to work on getting a National Meet here.

Kirk was elected for 1961 and realized his goal when on September 22 of 1962, KYANA held it's 1st National Meet here in Louisville.

Kirk was also very interested in putting out some form of club publication.

Kirk was succeeded by O.G. Wilson in 1963, who at Kirks urging, put out a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 booklet in January to see if the club would be interested in supporting it. The cover’s heading simply said: "You name it”.

The booklet was well received by the membership, so Wilson appointed Kirk as Editor and in February came out with an 8 1/2 x 11 publication called THE SIDELIGHT, using a drawing of his 1911 Marion for the front cover* and selling ads to pay for it.

*This remained the cover until ‘68 when Bob Brown dropped the size to 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and redrew the front using 2/3’s of Kirks Marion.. this foremat has been used continually with the excepion of '82 when George Fackler put out a quarterly, ‘84 altered slightly by Alan Fischer and '86 when it was a couple of xeroxed sheets

David Lyman became assistant Director, Secretary and Treasurer in that order. Ted Aschman reluctantly agreed to another year as editor and in the February issue reported that the Sidelight had paid its own way and more up to now, but because of nearly no advertising, the expenses would now come out of the clubs funds and unless enough ads were sold, it would cease to exist.

The club continued to be plagued by problems. Although the membership was at an all time high and we had over $500 in the treasury, attendance was down and lack of interest in the club seemed to prevail. It was now agreed that if at least 10 members did not show up at a meet with their cars, the event would be cancelled, and following a blazing article in the Sidelight concerning apathy, Bob Seaton with his calliope blaring, led a parade and a good crowd from 4th Street to the mall meet...Charlie Shelton (Indiana) was made assistant editor to help gather news from all over the region. However hard feelings still existed over the way the previous erection was handled.....Quoteing an editorial in the June issue of the Sidelight, "The elected governing body we now have is, you might say, the result of an abortive attempt of a number of sincere but maybe misguided members to wrest the control of the club from those that they felt had been in power too long...a few took this as a personal affront at their integrity, and as a result, long standing friendships went on the rocks..This was indeed unfortunate. However as a result of this fateful day in November, this club has been practically non provided for in this regions bylaws, few if any board meetings have taken place. The secretarys job has been done by others ....somewhere, someplace, we have lost sight of the true and intent purpose of this group.......Next Month, nowhere to go but up!

....somewhere, someplace, we have lost sight of the true and intent purpose of this group...a letter from Paul Jarvis to editor on May 3 said that he had attended a swap meet in Kokomo, Ind the day before and saw no one from Kyana". The editor stated that his statement was made from many letters from the membership and that this was not his personal opinion. In August Dave Lyman resigned from Kyana, Don Wentworth was appointed to fill out the term of Secretary.

In the November Issue, (of the Sidelight) Ted announced he would no longer edit the paper past the December issue and he would leave the club with this suggestion. "With all the interest in swap meets around the ad joining states, Kyana should attempt one next year... say the latter part of April or early in May. (With) Louisville being centrally located and easily accessible by in terstate highways, we could attract a lot of old car enthusiasts... Do I hear any seconds to this motion????". As the year ended, the Iroquois Park meet stood out as the only positive point as it drew the largest crowd of the year, 24 cars. Ted Aschman was elected Director for 1966 along with Willard Young as his assistant director and activity chairman. Henry McCoy and Charles M. Good, Jr. were elected Secretary and Treasurer. The board of directors consisted of Al Domeck, J.C. Rice, Bill Hill, Bob Seaton and Elden DuRand who also took over as editor of the Sidelight.

Ted Aschman's aims for the year were enactment of a historic license plate, in creased membership and a swap meet for Kyana. In regards to the plate, House bill No 54 was passed by the Kentucky Senate and sent to the governor for his signature, but then governor, Ed Breathitt vetoed it. Ted appointed Willard Young and Charles Good to chair the new Swap'n Sell (Swap Meet) at the Beuchel County was given only a 1/4 page notice in the February Sidelight with suggestions to get on the good side of your wife by get-

ting all that junk out of the basement and asking for volunteers to help run it. The March issue had a one paragraph note concerning the goodies you might be able to buy, and a small blurb in the rear of the book, but it failed to even be mentioned in the coming events column even though the April 3rd Wabash Valley Swap Meet was in it. However, despite the lack of publicity and/or enthusiam from the membership, the Swap Meet was held and appeared to be successful bringing in a profit of $391.71. (Our total treasury at the end of 1964 was only $415..71) This, along with $86 in Swap Meet ads brought our treasury up to $932.24, the most we ever had at one time, and the membership seemed anxious to have another Swap Meet.

Overall, 1966 was a pretty good year for Kyana. Although we did not get the License plate bill passed, it at least got all the way to the governor's office which meant support for it was growing and could possibly be passed the next time.

The Swap Meet was successful enough to plan another one and a deal was cut with the Fairgrounds to hold" another in 1967 on April 9th, being advertised as the 'Largest Flea Market in the South with 75,000 sq. feet of floor space in a heated area.

The membership was up. Ted Aschman received an award for Best Publication in its class (Spirit duplicating) for the 1965 Sidelight. In a letter to the editor in the June, '66 Sidelight, Dwight Hardesty suggested that we give out trophies as well as certificates for our meets, if it were no more than a brass plate, which he said in lots of 100 could be purchased for a buck was recieved very enthusiasticly by both, letters to the editor in the next couple of issues and in an article by the director himself. It was decided by the board in June to set up a new system of balloting similar to the National club that would allow all members to cast their vote by sending a ballot of proposed officers in the mail the first week of November with a return envelope addressed to the chief teller. Then at the annual banquet in November, 3 members chosen by the teller would then open the ballots. It was felt by the board that an election in this manner would allow each member to cast his ballot at leisure and after due consideration, preventing 'railroading' a person into office. The board a couple of months later however reported that our by-laws disallow absentee voting so you

must be present to vote. It was also agreed that the 'in regime' would arrange a place for the Christmas Party and the newly elected officials would be responsible for completing arrangements.

On the down side, founding member Duke Rice died on October 14. Sidelight Editor, Elden DuRand, who with a plea unanswered for ads and the membership feeling that the same people bought all the adds, stated that less than 20 persons were carrying the load for the entire club and that if the other 60 or so did not get on the ball, the club would soon be a thing of the past and that he was bowing out as Editor of the Sidelight. Asst. Director Willard Young said that this would also be the last issue, unless someone volunteered to be editor.

The election results for 1967 officers were: Director, Tom McCrary, Assistant Director, Charles Shelton, James 'Doc' Fogle, Secretary and Q.G. Wilson, Jr., Treasurer. On the board, William Denn ing, Damon Hawkins, Bob Seaton and William Hill. The year wound down with $548.36 in the treasury.


The new director said the club would be run like an army platoon, adhereing strictly to the rules and bylaws. Charlie Shelton was appointed Sidelight Editor, Dwight Hardesty bowed out as club historian and was replace by Earl Brown. Bill Denning resigned from the board because of health and was replaced by Roy Essary. The Board decided to petition the National for a fall national meet to be held in 1968.

At the first board meeting, Tom McCrary stated that all letters concerning club business would be made in quadruplicate with a copy going to each officer....that the club would adhear strictly to the by-laws and any officer who felt he could not make all the meetings resign so a replacement could be made...that there would be no Christmas party because of lack of funds...that 2 signatures be used on any checks and finally that a committee be set up to revise the by-laws.

In March, McCrary announced that he contacted the mall which agreed to donate $600 to Kyana for the mall meet, accepting only show cars fully restored. Damon Hawkins and Bill Hill resigned from the board. It was discussed by those present and decided that Tom McCrary contact Bill Bryant and Anthony Kayrouz to fill the vacancies. The National gave Kyana the go sign for a fall National Meet for 1968. The Swap Meet was a huge success, as was the Mall meet, and after paying Reliable Litho for 3 months printing of the Sidelight, we ended May with a $2,580.24 balance in the bank.

Despite the gradual upsurge in our financial condition, the club still seemed to be falling apart. Adding to its other problems, Tom McCreary was confined in July to Clark County Hospital with leg pro blems. The Ads in the Sidelight, once most of the book was now down to just 14 quarter page ads. The August Sidelight was not published, and after the September issue, was not published again for nearly two years.

With no sidelight, and few members still around from that time period, very little is known except hearsay. The best I can pick up is that Tom McCreary was released from the Hospital in time to run for reelection but then returned-to the hospital. It has been said that although plans went on to have the National Meet in 1968, that he called Hershey from his Hospital bed and told them it could not go on without him, it was cancelled and given to another region. When news came out that votes were counted in the election from members of Kyana that were not members of the AACA, which made them ineligible to vote, it is said he was so in furiated that he resigned from the club entirely and was replaced by the then Assistant Director, 'Doc' Fogel.

In an attempt to keep the club from disolving, Albert Domeck, Dwight Hardesty and others decided to attempt to revive the Sidelight, figuring that it was the glue holding the club together. Albert Domeck contacted Bob Brown who was married to his cousin and was in the printing business. Albert told Bob Brown that he would do some mechanical work that was needed on his presses if he would put out an issue or two until the club got back on it's feet.

In December of 1968, Albert put out the equivilent of a handbill with the name sidelight on it giving the results of the election of officers for 1969.

Director, Elden DuRand, III, Assistant Director and activities chairman, Leslie Bryant, Secretary, Michael Southard and Treasurer, Henry L. McCoy. The board of directors was Earl Brown, Howard Hedges, Tony Karouz and Bill Denning (who resigned and was replaced by Morris L. King). Dwight Hardesty was ap- pointed editor of the Sidelight with Al

Domeck as assistant editor.

Just as "into every life, a little rain must fall, so too is every storm followed- by a ray of sunshine. 1968 did have a crowning point for KYANA. Through the continuing pressure of Elden Durand and Ted Aschman, the Antique License plate bill looked like it might have a shot in this years legislative session. Eldon practically lived in Frankfort for a month or two pressuring legislators into voting yes, and trying to get all the 'tack-on' amendments killed off. Finally State Representative George Siemens and- Speaker of the House Julian Carroll (later Governor) introduced H.B. 111 and along with Hubbard Brock and *Mazzoli (now Congressman Mazzoli) and guided it through the House, beating down any and all amendments which would have killed the bill. It was then guided through the Senate and passed. The Governor, (Louie Nunn) left it become law without his signature. Little blue windshield stickers stating that this car was exempt from inspection was sold to the member- ship at a buck a piece to help defray the legal and lobbying fees involved. A long battle finally came to an end.

1969 started out with 79 members and a director filled with enthusium. Elden Durand stated that the amount of cars did ot determine the success or failure of an event, but the amount of pleasure derived from those attending did, and as far as he was concerned, it only took two antiques(or Belchfires) to make a meet...

(continued next month)

*Ron Mazzoli and Bob Brown were class mates at St. X & celebrated their 60th reunion last year.

1969 started out with 79 members and a director filled with enthusium. Elden Durand stated that the amount of cars did not determine the success or failure of an event, but the amount of pleasure derived from those attending did, and as far as he was concerned, it only took two antiques (or Belchfires) to make a in the Sidelight to members were FREE. He stated in his opening message that the more parties, meets and picnics etc. the club had, the more successful it would be. "Pitch in" he said, "and we'll have a good year... Just sit there and grumble and, I guarantee you, nothing in the world will happen. IT'S UP TO YOU!!

The February Meeting was slated to be the Swap Meet meeting and the Mall meet. 24 members and 17 wives showed up for the meeting and although no one volunteered to chair the mall meet, nearly everyone volunteered to work both events. A motion was made to change the by-laws so that officials in office when a national meet was arranged would automatically succeed themselves to handle the meet...board members excluded... also a vote was taken to change the dues from $8.00 a year to $6.50. and whether to continue with the 'Red Boiling Springs Meet.


The Swap Meet was another huge success as was the mall "show", so called because the mall limited us to 30 cars, leaving some members out in the cold," but it brought us in" another $400. The year was full of podunk tours and picnics and the 1st annual Park Mammoth Meet was also a success. Dwight Hardesty's editorial earlier in the year directed to a number of members threatening to quit to "just hold on for one year" seemed to work as the membership held it's own. Vince Furnas sent in a couple of articles for the Sidelight, and Bob Brown, enthused with the club, agreed to print the Sidelight at cost until Kyana really got on it's feet, and suggested that the club put out a membership roster which he would donate. Elden said neither he nor Les Bryant were going to run again, but that they would both be active in the club, trying to help others get events organized.

Evidently, 15 months after the club appeared to be disolving, it was on a roll...up.


In the Fall Elections for 1970, Elba Likins was voted in as Director and Bill Denning as assistant Director, Guy Browne Treasurer and Billie H. Riley as Secretary...The Board members were Charles Boyd, Elden DuRand III, E.R. Essary and Ewell Hall, and Dwight Hardesty remained as Editor of the Sidelight.

Elbe concentrated on making the Swap Meet a money maker, upgrading the Sidelightand making all meetings except business meetings a social the suggestion of Bob Brown, the size of the Sidlight was changed to 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, both for economic reasons, and convenience. For a short time during the summer, Elbe changed the name of the Sidelight to "The Directors Report", but this was short lived as it met with opposition from the board....The membership continued to rise, adding before the end of the year, Bob Brown, the Sidelight Publisher, Frank Burke, the Mayor of Louisville and Todd Hollenbach, the County Judge the Fall of 1970 Elbe was elected to a second term along with Bill Denning as assistant Director,... he appointed Jewell Phipps as Sidelight Editor and continued to push the Swapmeet as our major source of in- come, which was now being chaired by Dwight Hardesty and Don Wentworth...... Guy Browne our Treasurer reported that our Net Profit on the Swap Meet was around $1500, bringing our net worth at the end of April to $5,392.30.....Through an arrangement with member Thurman Pangburn, Kyana combined with the Falls City Model A Club to have a show at Churchill Downs....The show was a success, but was marked with a low turnout from both clubs.... Jim Larkin from the model A Club and Bill Denning, both wrote letters to the Sidelight berating the membership of both clubs for complaining about going to out of town shows when we could have a great one here, then not showing up when we did...The membership continued to rise, and in the

November Elections, Elbe Likins and Bill Denning were re-elected to un-precedented 3rd Terms for the year 1972. Guy Browne stayed on as Treasurer, Billie Marcum was elected Secretary and the Board now consisted of Charles Boyd, Ewell Hall, Ray Essary and Jim Larkin and Jewel! Phipps was continued on as Sidelight Editor.

1972 was much the same as the leadership had stayed almost intact. Jewell Phipps however, resigned as Sidelight Editor in April and was replaced by Bob Brown. The Swap Meet, now established as the 'main meat' of the club, cleared $2.000, bringing our net worth in April up to $7,745.35. The 2nd Annual Churchill Downs show was also a success with a much bigjger turnout by the membership ..... In the November Elections for the 1973 officers, Bill Denning succeded Elbe Likins and changed his title to President instead of Director... Billy J. Marcum became Vice President, Ewell Hall, Secretary and Charles K. Taylor became Treasurer...The Board of Directors consisted of Charles Boyd, James E. Larkin, E.C. 'Jiggs' Jaggers and Don Wentworth....Bob Brown was retained as editor of the Sidelight...The club was shocked by the news that right after Christmas, Bi!! Denning suffered a heart attack and was in intensive care, his outcome unknown.

The club was happy to hear on the 5th of January that Bill Denning was doing fine and would be coming home soon, but on February 8, Bill suffered another heart attact and was pretty much incapacitated until after the Swap Meet... Billy Marcum however handled things very well along with the Hardestys and Wentworths bringing in a profit of $2,569.09. They were unable however to get a lease on the east wing of the Fairgrounds again for the following year and had to settle for the West Wing. Our total worth at the end of May was $9,703.28. The policy of picnics, short tours and shows in the summer, and mystery tours and parties in the fall continued. In the November elections, Bill Denning was re-elected for 1974. Albert Domeck was elected Vice President, and Alva Johnson became Secretary. Charles Taylor was re-elected Treasurer. Don Wentworth and Charles Boyd were joined on the Board by Chuck Beyl and Dwight Hardesty, and Bob Brown stayed on as Sidelight Editor.

In November, the club elected Don Wentworth to lead the club in 1975 along with Earl Haley as Vice President and Richard Alford as Secretary. Charles Taylor was re- elected Treasurer. Bob Johnson and John Spencer joined Dwight Hardesty and Chuck Beyl on the Board. Bob Brown continued to publish the Sidelight but went to Club Photographer as Elden Durand came back to edit the Sidelight, starting with the December, 1974 issue. In his first report in the January issue of the Sidelight, Don changed the Presidency back to a Directorship. He stated that Elden working hand in hand with Bob Brown would bring us a prize winning publication. In order to get the member ship to contribute articles, Bob and Nell Brown said they would donate a per sonalized ceramic mug to the arthur of the best article each month. Elden went to a hard cover for the paper and upped it's size to 7 x 8 1/2.

Don had a number of things he wanted done in his time in office. Among them were to have another car show in Louisville, possibly on the Belvedere (Charlie Boyd would handle this), have a train ride (Bob Brown being connected to a train club and the Train Museum was asked to handle this), charter a ride for the club on the Belle of Louisville, take an overnight tour and publish a 'Cook Book' with recipes by the best cooks in the world, the women from KYANA. Chuck Beyl was appointed to work with Dwight Hardesty on the Swap Meet. A miniature Model T was purchased to use as the grand prize for the chance tickets for the Swap Meet, and brought it's purchase price back 3-fold. The club finally was functioning like one finely oiled piece of machinery.

A good example of working together was the cook book. Helen Wentworth, who headed up the cookbook, said: "I had no idea that there would ever be more than just a few pages, (it ended up 250)... in order to get it out in time to sell at the Swap Meet, the deadline had to be moved up a month and many of the members took 3 hour staggered shifts at Bob & Nell's house to assemble the book. Bob took off of work the last week and worked almost around the clock to get it ready, and all this was for free, we paid only for materials...Don and I want to thank Bob, Nell and all the club members who donated their time... This was truly a club project".

In the fall of 75, Don Wentworth was reelected President, Kirk RowelI was voted in as Pice President, Elvin Carter replaced Richard Alford as Secretary and Charles Taylor stayed on as Treasurer....

Charles Brinksneader and AIva Johnson joined Robert Johnson and John Spencer on the Board. Bob Brown was asked again to Edit the Sidelight. In a dispute over chairing the activities for the year, Kirk Rowell resigned as Vice President and was not replaced. The year was one of activities, including picnics,car show at the zoo and a boat ride on the Belle of Louisville, and of course, the Swap Meet. Again the little Model T more than paid for it's self and again it was refused by the raffle winner who prefered the money. Our elected officials decided to raffle a Stutz Bearcat miniature next year, and had a mini raffle for anyone in the club who wanted to buy it. Bob Brown won and quickly snatched it up for his kids.

A national meet was applied for and accepted for the summer of 1978. According to the by-laws, a nat'l meet prepared by the president in office at the time would automatically chair the National meet. Because of a loss on a couple of car meets, our treasury stayed at about the same level it was a year before, but everyone seemed satisfied. Don Wentworth was re-elected for a third term for the year 1977, Richard Alford became Vice President, Anna Priest Secretary and

Leonard Krebs Treasurer*...Chuck Beyl and Charles Boyd joined Charles Brinksneader and Atva Johnson on the Board. June Mohns and Jean Weixler were appointed co-editors of the Sidelight which Bob Brown continued to print.

*Charles Taylor did not re-run for treasurer because of his involvement in securing the National Meet

In November of 1977, Charles Taylor was elected to the Presidency, W.P. Taylor became Assistant President. Anna Priest Secretary and Leonard Krebs, Treasurer. Jim Priest and Don Wentworth replaced Johnson and Brinksneader on the Board. Bob Brown was asked to edit the Sidelight again and was appointed Publicity Chairman for the National Meet to be held on the 7th and 8th of July at Churchill Downs. The Swap Meet brought in $7,619 profit having raffled off a 1941 Chevy which many club members had pitched in to help restore. Although we had many outings, including a show for the residents of Meadow South Nursing Home, the big crunch was on to be ready for the National Meet. The Vice President W.P. Taylor resigned as he was leaving town. The National turned out very successful thanks to leadership, planning and club cooperation, and the year ended with so much harmony and satisfaction about the way things were running, that in the fall elections, no one seemed to want to run against anyone nearly a dozen members were nominated and declined before we got a slate together. Elvin Carter was elected President, James G. (Jim) Burch Vice President, Bob Brown Secretary and Leonard Krebs, Treasurer...George Heisenbuttel and Richard Alford Joined Jim Priest and Don Wentworth on the board and Earl Haley was appointed Editor of the Sidelight.

1979 was much the same as the year before. This time the club raffled off a 1948 Ford which brought in $600, and again the winner took the money and as had now become custom, the ford was raffled off to the membership, and at the end of April after all Swap Meet bills had been paid, we had $14,155.16 in the treasury. Earl Haley in his editorials pushed for more participation and over night trips. Alton Carter asked for and got 45 cars for the Bashford manor meet. At the Shelby Park expo, 5 model T's ran shuttle service around the park at .25c per ride and $78 was taken in, thats a lot of times around the park. In the Fall elections, Jim Burch became president, Carl Boyd Vice President, Earl Haley Secretary and Ken Hull Treasurer. Dwight Hardesty was appointed to edit the Sidelight.

Just as the formulative years, (1955-69) found the club in a struggle for identity, the Seventies were testing the clubs ability to grow with the times. Having weathered both these eras and survived, the question now as we enter the Eighties was: Can we deal with Success?

At the January Business Meeting in 1980, Carl and the board arrived at 23 'Coming Events for the year, derived from questionaires at the Christmas Party. "With the variety of things to do and places to go, exclaimed Jim Burch, "everyone should be happy." And indeed everyone did seem to enjoy the year. Again, the swap meet, still chaired by Dwight Hardesty and Chuck Beyl, and through the hard work of the membership, brought in the money to finance the fun things of the club. Besides the regular meets, picnics, dinner meetings, dinner plays etc, we had overnight tours to Berea, Hamilton, Ohio and Winston-Salem and ended up the year with about $17,000 going for us. In

the November Elections, Carl Boyd was elected President to head the club in 1981. George Fackler was elected Vice President, Frank Heller, Secretary and Ken Hull, Treasurer ...Charlie Taylor and Jim Burch joined Alton Carter and Chuck Beyl on the Board , and Dwight Hardesty and Bob Brown were re-appointed to Edit and Publish the Sidelight.

1981 was a bonanza year for the membership with plenty of places to go and many things to do. In the July issue of the Sidelight, with the Swap Meet and the Churchill Downs Meet both successfull financially and participation wise, Carl, noting that we

still had 10 more big events in the next 3 months stated: "As of July 31st, the Club has spent about $53.00 per member......not bad for $8.00". In the fall elections, George Fackler was elected to lead the club for 1982. Alton Carter was elected Vice President, Jean Weixler Secretary and Ken Hull Treasurer....Dwight Hardesty and Kenneth Mitsch joined Jim Burch and Charlie Taylor on the board.

George appointed Ray Hayes and himself to edit the Sidelight which would now come in two parts. 1. A monthly newsletter which he would edit, and 2. A quarterly printed eight pager with a removable color print on the front.

He pushed for and got changes in the by-laws for among other things to put our year on a Jan. 1 to December 31 basis, and to delete the Sidelight Editor as a voting member of the board since it was an appointed position.

In the November Elections, Carl Boyd was elected to run the club for 1983...Kenny Mjtsch was elected Vice President, Frank Heller, Jr. was elected Secretary and Vickie Butler, Treasurer... Dutch Duchesneau, Ken Hull and Alan Vannatta joined Dwight Hardesty on the Board...

Earl Haley was appointed Sidelight Editor, who returnd it to a monthly magazine.

Carl had another good year with the possible exception of the Swap Meet where he was plagued with problems from the Tax People and the Fair Board who didn't agree with us on who could sell what, but all in all, it was a good year.

In the November Elections, Kenny Mitsch was elected to lead the club for 1984. Dutch Duchesneau was elected Vice President, Jim Burch Secretary and Charlie Taylor Treasurer. Chuck Beyl, Carl Boyd, Billy Hardesty and Ken Hull made up the Board of Directors.

Alan Fischer was named to edit the Sidelight for 1984 and changed the drawing on the

front slightly, although he kept the same general format.

Problems cropped up on the personal property tax on antique cars where the state wanted to assess a projected value on all cars by year, regardless of condition, etc.

A meeting was held January 15 with representatives from the Elizabethtown, Owensboro, Lexington, Paris, Bowlinggreen and Hopkinsville chapters, T-Bird club, Model T club and two attorneys representing Kyana, and Carl Boyd. Frank Heller and Charlie Taylor.

Each club agreed to put up $25 to start off with to have attorney Perry White in Lexington to handle it. (He was instrumental in getting the KY antique plate).

In April we were successful in getting a bill passed taxing us .25c per $100 of actual value and then Governor Martha Layne Collins signed it into law.

In november, the officers for 1985 were elected. Dutch Duscheneau was elected President, Billy Hardesty Vice President, Keith Hall became Secretary and Ken Hull, Treasurer.

The Board consisted of Carl Boyd, Chuck Beyl, Kenny Mitsch and Dwight Hardesty. Bob Brown was asked again to be editor.

In the February issue of the Sidelight, Bob Seaton wrote the first of a four part article titled "the way it was", starting with the automobile and ending up with an article about when Kyana began.

It was this article which started Bob Brown digging into the past for a complete history of the club, only to find out that nothing was readily least not that anyone knew about, but it died for lack of official interest. It was however decided to start a scrapbook.

It was a good year for events, with the last outdoor fling being a show at Perkins Motors where Keith Hall was able to muster up 41 cars...plaques were given to those attending and we were asked to come back in 86'.

In the November Elections, Dutch was re-elected President along with the entire slate, except of course for the Board where Harry Hull and Charlie Taylor joined Kenny Mitsch and Dwight Hardesty.

The 1985 Sidelight received a National Award for Excellence, but Bob Brown quit as Sidelight Editor and Publisher.

The club was pushing for T-Shirts for the members, and in a voice vote, the membership opted for blue. 1986's big concern was the National Meet it had applied for for 1990, which was approved. Dutch put out a Xeroxed Sidelight which he both edited and published.

In the November elections, Dutch was elected to a third term. Keith Hall was elected Vice President, Chester Robertson Secretary and Harry Hull,

Treasurer...Carl Boyd, Alton Carter and Leon Smith joined Charlie Taylor on the Board.

In 1987, at the request of the Board, Bob Brown returned as Editor and Publisher of the Sidelight.

More than 20 events were voted on and approved for the year including a pig roast and a hay ride and wiener roast.

Carl Boyd reported that our Swap Meet was getting so big that maybe we should be thinking about a two day event. The Perkins show however was scrapped as they were in a financial problem which eventually led to their closing the dealership at that location.

Charter Member Albert Domeck, whose wife Alberta had died in the spring was killed while driving his antique car back from a meet.

In the November elections, Keith Hall was elected President for 1988, Charles Taylor Vice President, Chester Robertson and Harry Hull were re-elected to Secretary and Treasurer...Dutch Duscheneau joined Alton Carter, Leon Smith and Carl Boyd on the Board.

The Sidelight received another national award for 1987. Bob Brown was continued on as Editor of the Sidelight and appointed Historian, as one of the President's main objective was to get a History together once and for all, noting that we had very few charter members still alive and nothing on paper.

After a request by Bob Brown in the January Issue of the Sidelight, many of the older members came forth with copies of old Sidelights and word of mouth information.

Keith himself pressured Hershey into giving us a copy of the original application for membership, and with that, Keith and Bob set their goal to have a written history ready for the membership by the November Awards and Election meeting.

The Swap Meet was another unprecedented success thanks to Carl Boyd and the enthusiastic membership participation.

It was alsodefinitely decided to have a two day Meet in 1989.

After years of faithful service as Visitation Chairman, Bob Seatons health forced him to turn it over to Vivian Smith. The club owes him a debt of gratitude.


This is the end of the history when we printed the first history book in 1988. We left blank pages in it with the intention of printing an annual history on peel off adhesive to be put into the pages to update it. We printed them for four more years and then unfortunately just stopped doing it. If I can locate those four pages we will print them in the July issue. For the last couple of years we have been trying to get the Past Presidents to write down their accomplishments during their terms in office so that we can put out another history with every thing from the beginning to the present. hopefully we can achieve this by the end of this year. The last paragraph in the history was written by then President Keith Hall. "Through the efforts of Sidelight editor, Bob Brown and others mentioned in this book, old and new members alike can trace some of the History of Kyana. We hope you have enjoyed reading our history and will continue to be a part of our future. Best Wishes for the future to all our members from the Kyana Officers and Board of Directors, 1988."

Keith Hall, President

In November of 1988, Charlie Taylor was elected President, Carl Boyd Vice President, Carl Basham Secretary and Harry Hull Treasurer. Keith Hall and Chester Robertson joined Dutch Duscheneau and Leon Smith on the Board. Bob Brown was asked to stay on as Editor and Historian. Carl Boyd presented a 19 event calendar for the coming year including our first 2 day Swap Meet, all of which were very successful and very well attended. The Sidelight had it's first full color cover and in December, our first full color centerfold. Our membership continued to grow. There were virtually no complaints about the 2 day Swap Meet. In addition to our donations to the Crusade for Children and Clothe a Child, the club made a generous donation to the Red Cross to help the victims from the East Coast Hurricane and the California Earth-Quake and to the Kentucky Colonels Charity Fund. Due to Dutch Duscheneau's having to leave town because of his job, the duties of chairman of the 1990 National Meet were taken over by Chester Robertson and Charles Taylor. Carl Boyd was chosen by the membership to lead us into the nineties along with Chester Robertson Vice President, Carl Basham Secretary and Harry Hull Treasurer. Billy Hardesty and Ray Hayes joined Keith Hall & Leon Smith on the Board. Bob Brown was re-appointed Editor of the Sidelight and Historian. All in all, one of our better years.

Officers for 1990 were: Carl Boyd, President, Chester Robertson, Vice President, Carl Basham, Secretary and Harry Hull Treasurer. Billy Hardesty and Ray Hayes joined Keith Hall and Leon Smith on the Board. Bob Brown was reappointed Editor of the Sidelight and Historian. The Board voted to have the Sideliaht cover printed in color. Carl Boyd and Keith Hall headed up our 2nd 2-day Swap Meet which was very successful. The year was filled with many events, nearly all of which were very well attended. A number of the events were chaired by members who previously had not chaired an event. That certainly speaks well tor the future of the club. The membership outdid its self on the national meet receiving ac claim from all across the country. Our hats off to Chester Robertson and Charles Taylor. Bob Brown and Carl Boyd conspired to put the years accomplishments on video tor replay at the awards banquet. A change in the by-laws was introduced and approved to have members accepted in January and June. Generous donations were made from the club to Clothe-A-Child and to the Crusade for Children. Chosen to lead the club in 1991 were: Chester Robertson, President, Kelvin Napper, Vice President, and re-elected to secretary and treasurer positions were Carl Basham and Harry Hull. Ray Hayes and Billy Hardesty will be joined on the Board by Carl Boyd and Keith Hall.

Officers for 1992 were: Chester Robertson, President, Kelvin Napper, Vice President, Carl Basham, Secretary and Harry Hull Treasurer. David Morton joined Keith Hall, Carl Boyd and Ray Hayes on the Board. Bob Brown was reappointed Editor of the Sidelight and Historian.

Again, our two Swap Meets did very well and our Building Fund was now in full swing due primarily to excellent participation by the membership and the usual expertise of Carl Boyd and Keith Hall. Generous donations were made to the Crusade for Children and Clothe a Child. In addition, we donated to the AACA's Library and Elevator funds. On the down side, a serious discrepancy was found in our bank account, but the alertness of our Board of Directors recovered the shortfall and as a result, set up a failsafe system to prevent it from reocurring. On the up side, 6 new families joined the club.

In '92, Carl Boyd was elected to the National Board of Directors and for the 3rd year running, the Sidelight and Bob Brown won the Award of Excellence from the AACA. Charles Taylor, Ron Rudolph and Jim Hicks were elected to lead the club in '93 as President, Vice President and Secretary. Acting Treasurer, Chester Robertson

was elected to a full term in 93 and the Board remained the same with the re-election of Keith Hall and Carl Boyd.

1993 - At the February meeting of AACA in Pennsylvania, Carl Boyd took his place on the National board of Directors, a great honor for Kyana.

The "Sidelight" was 30 years old in March and secretary Jim Hicks pointed out in his article that anyone wanting pictures or articles in the Sidelight should check the inside under the word "Deadline" and send it into Bob Brown in a timely manor. All activity

Leaders shoould be especially aware of the "Deadline". The board discussed the various "Clunker Bills" that have been popping up around the country. There are various "Watchdog" groups that are keepng an eye on this situation. Dave Morton was named as the Kyana contact.

Jim Hicks reported that at meeting concerning the Picnic in the Park that is held in conjunction with the Derby Festival that they have banned our having the caterer bring our meal into the park. They are also going to line the cars up on the roadway this year!

By the time you line 40 to 50 cars, we would be spread out so far that it would be hard to socialize and still watch our vehicles. A motion to participate was unanmously defeated so we opted out.

The by-laws were changed to have the annual expenses of the President, VP or a designate's annual expenses to the National AACA meeting held in Philadelphia. This would also apply to any member that is on the Natl' Board. Because of conflicts with the Fairgrounds, we had our Fall Swapmeet at Louisville Motor Speedway which again was a success. In the Fall Elections, Ronnie Rudolph, Jim Hicks, Bennie Coleman & Chester Robertson were elected President, VP, Secretary & Treasurer to run the club in '94. The board consisted of Keith Hall, Carl Boyd, Alan Vannatta and Kelvin Napper. Bob Brown was reappointed Editer and publisher of the Sidelight.

1994 Ron Rudolph announced that Bob Brown won the National's highest award for the Sidelight, the "Master Editor's Award.

There was a lot of discussion about the possibility of buying a building to make a club house, where, when or how. Ron Rudolph suggested that a committee be formed to see about the feasability of such a move and if we needed to start a building fund.

In the November elections Jim Hicks was elected President, Dwight Hardesty VP, Ron Rudolph Secretary and Chester Robertson retained as Treasurer. Bob Brown was reappointed Editor of the Sidelight and Historian.

In his outgoing article, Ronnie thanked all his fellow officers for having done above and beyond their regular duties. Both Swap Meets were very successful, not only financially, but with the tremendous participation from the membership. This was truly

one of our better Years

1995 Jim Hicks,started the year out with three stated goals; 1. All assignments for the calling committee will be made by the president. Any info for the calling committee will be called into the president first who will then talk to Evelyn. He said further that if

everyone gets their articles into the Sidelight by the 20th, then the calling committee should not be needed except in the event of death among our members. 2. Reporting of sick or death of any members should be first reported to Vivian Smith or Betty then

to the President. 3. I would like to see a different members story in the Sidelight

every month...How you found your car, how you got it into shape along with pictures if you have them. "I will help Bob with this (We want volunteers, but if not, I will be calling


Chester Robertson presented the Budget for the 1996 Reliabilitiy Tour, listing all chaiarpersons and the total number of cars and people expected. 125 cars and 250 people respectively.

When the Fall Swap Meet was restarted a few years ago, it was discussed and agreed that the profits from it would go into a building fund for the future.....with most of us the

future gets closer everyday, so at the board meeting on April 10th, it was unanimously agreed that a committee be formed to take a detailed look at Kyana owning it own home.

A committee was formed, not to look for a building or contractor, but to look at the positives and negatives of being involved with real estate.

The July "Sick & Visitation" was the low spot for the year. In about a month we had 2 old members die; Chuck Beyl and Charter Member Clarence Quaife; 2 members had

Heart Attacks; our President Jim Hicks and John Pope Wilson; Mary Bush had gall bladder surgery; Alton Carter was in intensive care; and 1 of our S & V writers, Vivian Smith was in the hospital and not doing well. The only good news in the S & V column

was James & Nicole Bird was blessed with a 6 lb 4 oz baby boy.

The fall Swapmeet was another success but Jim Hicks dressed down those members that show up dressed in their Kyiana shirts for free entrance, but have actually not been to the planning dinner, have no assigned job and end up doing nothing but getting in

free. I feel this is a direct slam to all of our members that do such a great job of making our activities successful - and the list of those that did not work the fall meet is entirely too long!

In the Fall Elections for 1996, Jim Hicks was re elected President, Ron Rudolph & Kenny Mitsch became VP & Secretary & Chester stayed on as Treasurer. George Fackler & John Spencer joined Carl Boyd & Keith Hall on the Board. Bob Brown stayed on as Sidelight Editor and Historian.

1996. Even though the calendar of events was not finalized yet, the club was already gearing up for a very busy year with the probability of 20 or 21 events. Besides being our country's 200 birthday and this being the 100th birthday of the Automobile industry, we were getting ready to host the AACA Reliability Tour here in Louisville. As usual the membership did a great job making everything run like a good swiss watch....Jim Hicks thanked everyone for a job well done and gave special thanks to "those that wrote the daily articles and took the pictures that were rushed to Bob Brown so that he could compile a newsletter that was handed out to tour members the next morning." Kyana joined the now defunct "Louisville Auto Museum", donated $2100.00 to Clothe-a-child, gave the AACA a membership trailer, and sold out the Spring Swap Meet. A standard fee for publishing the Sidelight of $367.00 was adopted, and this was the year that the feasibility committee was appointed to see if we really wanted to own property. This committee was made up of the following families....ALFORD, BOWLING, ELDER, FACKLER, SHOUSE, WEIXLER and WILSON. In the fall elections, Jim Hicks was re-elected President. Anna Priest was elected V.P., Kenny Mitsch and Chester Robertson stayed on as Secretary and Treasurer. The Board consisted of George Fackler, John Spencer, Ronnie Rudolph and Jim Bird. Bob Brown stayed on as Sidelight Editor and Historian.

1997 We started the year with a report from the feasibility committee that it is entirely possible for us to continue looking into the possibilitiy of owning a meeting place. "We have the manpower, source of funds and the opportunity. "All that is left is left said Jim Hicks is to muster up the desire and determination to carry it out." We had 22 events for the year including an AACA National Meet in July, and we began planning for the 2001 SE Fall Meet in Bardstown.Anna Priest proposed giving a donation to the Red Cross for the flood victims. We ended up giving $500 each to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. Jim Hicks announced that we had a place on Hunsinger Lane that he and the committee felt would make us a good club house. He called for a vote of the membership in September to finalize our decision. Jim said "I am for the building and what it can do for Kyana, but I will not hold it against anyone for their opposition. (hopefully whichever side loses will lick their wounds and continue the good Kyana Times)". In an editorial, Bob Brown said "after seeing what a gread deal the committee worked out, I would have to be for it even if I were against it.....the posibilities from rental inacome, if handled correctly could actually payi it off long before iat would be due, so even if you have reservations for other reasons, you could hardly be against it for financial reasons". On a sad note, Jim Hicks wife of 22 years passed away in May.

Lee, like Jim was very active in Kyana affairs and was missed by all that knew her. In the fall elections, Jim Hicks was re-elected President, George Fackler was elected VP, Rick Cornish was elected Secretary and Chester Robertson continued on as Treasurer. On the Board, Ron Rudolph and Jim Bird were joined by Kenny Mitsch and Mary O'Keefe. Bob Brown stayed on as Sidelight Editor and Historian. On the funny side, Bob Brown had a total knee replacement on December 19. Carl Boyd brought a laptop computer to his bedside saying he didn't want Bob to have an excuse for not getting the Sidelight out on time.

1998 In the January Sidelight, Jim Hicks wrote "A positive attitue is a must for success! KYANA is taking a giant step to establish our club both physically as well as in name. Our decisions have been made by an overwhelming majority of the membership and hopefully 1998 will bring good things for us." The sale of the building was contingent on obtaining a conditional use permit for a car club as opposed to the preset use as a church. All of the documentation; surveys, applications, variances, etc.had been completed and we were scheduled to appear before the Zoning Board in February for final review. Despite some zoning conditions that we wanted variances for, and the neighbors fears that we were a "VFW" type club with intentions to get drink licenses and would be having parties that last into the wee hours with street rods and motorcycles....after the meeting, we were looked at as respectable people. The Zoning Board approved our application and congratulated all parties for solving our differences before presentation. With the blessing of the membership, we purchased our building for the sum of Three Hundred and Ten Thousand Dollars. The closing signing was held April 9, 1998. The building search committee consisting of Keith Hall, Chairman - Layne Michler, Carl Boyd, George Fackler, Rick Cornish, Earl Brown and Ronnie Long did their job well. Kyana now has a home. We had 20 events planned for the year. Because of scheduling conflicks in September, the Board decided to combine the Board Picnic with the Family Picnic on June 14 at the new building. It was announced at the July Board meeting that Kyana was going to host the 2001 national Meet. Clothe-A-Child awarded Kyana their "Outstanding Community Support award in thanks for our continual donations. In the fall elections, Carl Boyd became President, Chester Robertson, VP, Von Mills, Secretary, Jim Hicks, Treasurer. Jim Bird & Jim Cornish joined Layne Michler & Mary O'Keefe on the Board. Bob Brown stayed on as Sidelight Editor, who for the 2nd time in a decade, won the National "Master Editor" Award.

President Carl Boyd announced that he and past President Jim Hicks had appointed a Building Committee to serve for one year or until replaced by the board. They are: Keith Hall, George Fackler, Layne Michler, Jim Hicks and Buck Bird, and they would be responsible for the new building, remodeling, renting and upkeep, etc.

Carl appointed the following members to serve as committee Chairpersons: Sidelight Bob Brown, Calling Evelyn Prewitt, Visitation Evelyn Prewitt and Co-Chair Ida Hall, Membership Keith Hall, Historians Bob Brown and Patsy Basham, Parade Howard Hardin.

The following Premembers were introduced at the January Business Meeting; Patrick & Devon Allen, Jerry & Barbara Bradley, Erick Edward Cornish, Michael Crawford, Vance & Bobbie Fritton, John Howard, Michael & Ellen Norman, Dale & Tara Ries, Tommy & Linda Williams and Rebecca Bowling.

After having his 2nd knee replacement in November, Bob Brown was walking well enough in February to make it to Philadelphia to recieve his 2nd Master Editor's award.

In April Carl Boyd woke up with a bad pain in his chest. He was fortunate enough to be able to drive himself to the Emergency Room where he had a heart attack. He had to change some of his eating habits, but he seems to have survived it very well.

Both Swap Meets were very successful, and we started up what we hope would become an annual affair with the Marine Corp to be involved with their "Toys for Tots". It was chaired by Bennie and Sarasue Coleman.

The church moved out of our building in late summer. We had the parking lot of our new home paved and striped in time to hold our club picnic there, thanks to Keith Hall, Buck Bird and Layne Michler who also rearranged the sod and planted shrubs, etc.

In the fall elections, Chester Robertson became President, Vonley Mills became Vice President, Ron Long became Secretary and Jim Hicks was re-elected Treasurer and

Carl Boyd replaced Mary O'Keefe on the Board.

Bob & Nell Brown were involved in a serious auto accident on the way home from the Toys for Tots show when the other car ran a red light at a high rate of speed. Bob's muscle or bicep in his right arm was torn out completely

2000...It's an exciting time for Kyana as we moved into our new home that had been freshly remodeled by Kyana members.

We held our first official meeting on January 15th. 167 members attended to see our new home. Many members worked two nights a week for six weeks to get it ready.

The following Pre-Members were introduced at the meeting: Ronald Booher, Charles and Debbie Burney, Clarence and Kathleen Chesser, Don and Bettiy Fowler, Paulene Ries and Michael Stafford.

Bob Brown dubbed it "Our Ole Kyana Home" as he and Nell became our first official renter when they celebrated their 40th anniversary in the clubhouse.

Keith Hall was put in charge of the grounds, clean up, cutting the grass and planting new shrubs. Much work was done during the year by the membership, including taking off the steeple, building and encloseding a building for lawn mowers, building steps to the lower level and a large group of volunteers that cut the grass and keep the place looking decent.

In June, 50 members traveled to Nashville for the SE Div. National Spring Meeting.

In August we held a yard sale at the club house and drew better than a hundred people.

We had our 2nd Toys for Tots show at Coxes Park and decided to have it at our clubhouse next year and save the $150 we paid to rent the park Dwight Hardesty was honored for over 40 years of service to Kyana.

In the elections for 2001, Vonley Mills became President, Jim Cornish Vice President, Chester Robertson Secretary and Jim Hicks was re-elected Treasurer. Dwight Hardesty and Ronnie Williams Joined Carl Boyd and Layne Michler on the board. Bob Brown was re-appointed Sidelight Editor.

2001-It was decided to drop the fall Swap Meet and concentrate on getting more walk-ins for our Spring Meet . The following 32 Pre-Members were introduced at the January Business

Meeting: Michael & Marilyn Bryant Ben & Barbara Campbell, Charles & Marilyn Cheney, Kevin & Kim Chesser, Jimmy Ferring, Oscar & Joyce Hahn, Robert & Joyce Hampton, Kermit & Sandy Knutson, Vic Kruse, Chris & Carolyn Ostby, Mary Helen Painter, Douglas & Joyce Purdon, Gary & Kendra Rivoli, Toby & Lyn Roush, Thomas Thompson, Fred & Marcia Trusty, Matthew & Barbara Walker, Andrew & Jeanifer Weixler.

Our President, Vonley announced that our Appreciation Dinner was for real as we had just retired the mortgage on our "Ol Kyana Home"

Frank & Therese' Hayden invited Kyana to join them in a show that they had attended last year called "Crusin' for the Crusade" put on by the Kentuckiana Corvette Club in the Riverfront Park in downtown Louisville. This is a show open to all makes and years. This was their 3rd year. The show has a $20 entry fee, but all proceeds go to crusade for children. In addition to showing your car, there are trophies, a D.J. and numerous drawings.Kyana agreed to pay $8.00 per member toward the registration fee. • Kyana had 15 cars despite some heavy rain and won the club participation award...all 15 cars won a trophy and $9,500 was raised for the Crusade....Kyana & Jim Hicks hosted the AACA So. Eastern Fall Meet in Bardstown.....Our Swap Meet was Successful as was our Yard Sale ......Except for 9-11, It was a very good year for Kyana.


In the fall elections of '03, Vonlee Mills was eloccted President, Ronnie Williams became VP, Chester Robertson secretary and Jim Hicks Treasurer. Dwight Hardesty and Frank Hayden joined George Fackler and Keith Hall on the board. Bob Brown was asked to stay on as Sidelight Editor and Historian.

The year started out on the right foot with 100 members attending the business meeting which was very warm with all the new heating equipment working fine.

Jim Hicks gave the treasurers report noting that it was another good year noting that: 'We we were able to pay for our much needed • but expensive • repairs for • both • the Heating and the cooling.

The Swap Meet was sold out again and we had 24 events lined up to keep the membership very busy enjoying the fruits of our hard work.

A number of assignment problems arose at the swap meet with many members having to work double & triple shifts.

A board meeting had to be delayed for a week as Jim Hicks had some serious back surgury, but It didn't stop Jim, just slowed him down a bit. Everyone agreed that more club involve

ment would solve most of the problems.

Bob & Nell's Nursing home tour was a hugh success with the homes wanting to have us commit for an annual event.

A storm took out one of our old trees and damaged another one severely. As the old saying goes, you never miss the water til' the well runs never know how valuable the shade is, until you no longer have it. Before the year was out, we would lose still another tree and end up planting new 10' Oak Trees

We voted to install a security system onto the property. This is a Concord Express system capable of handling several functions. Motion made by Jim Hicks, seconded by Dwight Hardesty. Unamiously approved by the Board.

Kyana planned a Yard sale for the end of May with at least 25 families signing up immediately.

Because a conflict with the Stephen Foster Story to Bardstown, The club did not sponsor the "Crusin for the Crusade but suggested if you were not going to Bardstown that it would still be a good cause to attend. We none-the-less donated $100 for the Club in the name of the Kentuckiana Corvette club who continued thanking us all day on the radio. We also presented McMahan Fire Department with a $2,000 Check for the Crusade.

In a letter to the editor, it was questioned about the clubs commitment to have the Christmas Party at Somewhere other than the clubhouse. The Board responded in the next issue "that the decision was sound & Resonable based on cost per member above what club policy provided; Papa John Stadium Dining $34.00, Churchill Downs $24.73, Ex.Inn $19.40 or Halls China, Silver& Cloths, $5.00.

Second, the need to address comments on crowding at our clubhouse during meals. Our collective memory was tlhat we would not have all events and meals at our club house. Active members participating in our events have eaten at eleven different places through September...all good meals and with majority expenses borne by Kyana. Your officers volunteer to serve and are elected by you . All of us are human and cannot please everyone all the time. We invite anyone to come to our meetings and voice your concerns and comments positive or negative, call one of us; your input is wanted and needed. Our desire is for all members to be involved, set aside time for swap meet work, join our grounds keeping crew; attend & work clean-up-day;attend & Chair Events; get to know other members and fulfill our real purpose, antique cars."

In the fall elections for 2004, George Fackler, Chester Robertson and Fred Trusty became President, V.P. and Secretary joining Treasurer Jim Hicks as officers, & Clarence Chesser and Ronnie Long joined Dwighty Hardesty and Frank Hayden on the Board

History of Kyana Continued.......2004

The year started out with over 100 members at the business meeting. VP Robertson laid out the schedule of 27 events for the year.

George Fackler announced that each past president would write a story of what happened during their term for the History.

There were 11 pre-members added to our family and each Committee Head was assigned a "go to" on the board for easier communication.

Tom Smith and George Fackler both were featured for their cars that had been in the movies spotlighting Gangsters and the cars they drove.

Discussions started as far as the long range plans for Kyana’s building and the needs to enlarge/add on so as to accommodate our growing membership.

For the first time, George and the Board awarded gold and blue Kyana pins to all who worked the Swap Meet.

In May ’04 we started the "Wall of Glory" in the back of the Club House. Members were able to feature their cars on an 8x10 ceramic tile. This project was lead up by Don Dickerson.

Bob and Nell Brown sponsored a Fathers Day Show at the Louisville Zoo. This event is sure to become a regular with 38 cars, great fellowship and of course good food.

The board unanimously voted to subsidize children of members up through the age of 15 at events, thus making Kyana even more family orientated.

Kyana was granted interim approval for a National Meet in Louisville for 2006.

Our ‘Ol Kyana Home got a new sign thanks to Joe Thornsberry. Keith Hall assisted installing it and lights are soon to come.

September ’04 Kyana got its first Webpage, which was ran though the AACA main site.

Also in September Pres. Fackler got the OK from AACA to move the National Meet from ’06 to ’05 and the dates were set for Sept. 22-24, 2005, and it will be help in Jeffersonville, In, thanks to the help from Earl and Betty Haley.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was upgraded/changed and Evelyn Prewitt was the first recipient of the Award of Excellence.  

In the fall elections for 2005, the Officers were elected as follows: President George Fackler, Vice President Chester Robertson, Treasurer Jim Hicks, Secretary Fred Trusty and Frank Hayden and Steve Koonter joined Clarence Chesser and Ronnie Long on the Board. Bob Brown was re-appointed as Editor and Publisher, Evelyn Prewitt and Ida Hall for Sick and Visitation, Evelyn Prewitt stayed on as Chair of the Calling Committee, Historians were Bob Brown and Pasty Basham, Parade Chairman was Howard Hardin, Membership Chairman was Frank Hayden and Keith Hall was head Club House rentals.

2005 - The first event of the year being the Jan. Bussiness meeting was a start to another great year for Kyana with 129 members.  The new shirt design was displayed and orders were taken.  President Fackler presented the plans for the expantion of our club house that the board had been working on.  Chester Robertson had 23 events lined up for Kyana and the old cars.  The back wall of the Club House got a new look to it with ceramic tiles with Kyana member's cars on them.  This was through the work of Don Dickerson.  The board voted to have George get a booth at the National Meeting to push the National Meet in the Fall.  March 1st Kyana had it's first Website up and running, with Charlie Smith as our first Webmaster.  Steve Koonter was working on the renovation of the Jewell Phipps  Library. Donnie Gray took over hall rentals from Keith Hall since he and Ida moved to LaGrange.  The Kyana Logo took on a new look, with the outline of Kentucky and Indiana being added behind the car in the middle.  Governor Ernie Fletcher signed an ordinance into law, stating that "junk", cars including parts vehicles on private property only had to be stored out of public view.  Thus allowing car collectors to purchase vehicles for parts in order to build and or restore antiques.  In July the Board decided to scratch the plans for the additions to the Club House due to the estimated cost of $250,000.  They are looking into internal changes at this time.  The board started talks with AACA to host the 75th Anniverary of AACA. In September KYANA was approved to have the week long celebration in 2010.  September was a fun filled and yet hard worked month.  The AACA Fall Meet was held in Jeffersonville, IN. and Kyana yet again pulled together and put on one great event both locally and Nationally.  In the Fall elections for 2006, Kyana had the following officers: George Fackler, President, Chester Robertson, Vice President, Fred Trusty, Secretary, Jim Hicks, Treasurer, Frank Hayden, Steve Koonter, Clarence Chesser and Charlie Smith, Directors.

2006 - The first event of the year being the Jan. Business meeting was a start to another great year for Kyana with over 100 members. It was at this time that the Jewell Phipps Memorial Library was opened and viewed by Kyana.  In April, George Fackler notified the members in his article in the Sidelight that Charles & Sandy Smith had left the club and that Kenny Mitsch was appointed by the board to finish Charles' term since he was the next in line in the elections.  The board  bought 100 more Kyana magnetic car signs for the members to purchase for their cars, and to get a "Past Presidents" Plaque for the clubhouse.  They also increased our contribution to Crusade to $5000/year.  In June, Von Mills was appointed Kyana's Webmaster.  In November, Ray Hayes was appointed as Kyana's Chaplain.  Bob Brown was presented the Award of Excellence for 35 years of Service to The Sidelight and The Spark Plug Award was given to Brian, Ruth and Eric Hill for their untiring Support of Kyana Events.  In the Fall elections for 2007, Kyana had the following officers: George Fackler, President, Chester Robertson, Vice President, Fred Trusty, Secretary, Jim Hicks, Treasurer, Frank Hayden, Steve Koonter, Clarence Chesser and Kenny Mitch, Directors.

2007 - KYANA had it's lowest number of pre-members with only two families.  President Fackler wrote his first article of the year about the fact that our members were getting older and that we need to target 30-50 year olds to get into the club.

The 2007 Swap Meet was sold out at the begining of the year.

There was over 100 members at the Business meeting. A great way to start off the year.

The Board decided on a the new design for the nylon banner to be used at events.

The Swap Meet was another sucess, President Fackler thanked Steve Koonter and Chester Robertson for their work on the event as well as a special thanks to Keith Hall and Carl Boyd for their years of service and a smooth transition to Steve and Chester.  Bob Brown was ill and didn't make it out, but his sons Joseph and John took pictures so that he could continue his center page featuring the Kyana workers.

The AACA 2010 Meet is still in the works.

The Board agreed to help with the cost  for street lights for the area in junction with the Neighborhood Assc.

Kyana signed the contract for the hotel in June for the AACA 75th Anniversary Meet.

The July Sidelight which featured Jim Hick's '35 Ford Firetruck was the first change in the Sidelight format in over 20 years, with the cover making a 90 degree turn and the rest of the year was changed to a 11x17 format. This was done by request of the board with hopes to get a bigger photo on the front.

The Kyana web page is coming around thanks to Von Mills.

Kenny Mitsch wrote a series of articles this year with details as to his connection with old cars.

New carpet was installed in the upper level of the clubhouse in October.  It was installed in 18inch squares rather than a roll so that it could be replaced with more ease.

Also in October the board started talks about getting magnetic signs for the cars for when we are on tours.

The December issue had a twist to Bob Brown's normal Christmas Centerfold of cartoons.  This year he featured highlights from years past. Old memories re-lived....

In the Fall elections for 2008, Kyana re-elected all the officers to another term: George Fackler, President, Chester Robertson, Vice President, Fred Trusty, Secretary, Jim Hicks, Treasurer, Frank Hayden, Steve Koonter, Clarence Chesser and Kenny Mitsch, Directors.


2008-At the Business Meeting in Jan. we had fifteen families joining the club in addition to the 140 members who were there to start the year off.

Disscusions were still going on about the layout of The Sidelight.

George Fackler had his first of many "HOW TO" articles.

Brian and Ruth Hill received a National Award for their 1909 Sears, which was the first time a Kyana car was honored with a National Award.

The March issue of The Sidelight took on yet another look, which went back to a look from the past with a 8.5 X 14 format.  This was the issue that featured the National Award winning 1909 Sears (Brian&Ruth Hill).

The April issue returned to its normal format. For the first time since Bob Brown had been Editor the cover of this issue had a picture that was not featuring the SWAP MEET. John & Marcia Brown (Bob's son and Daughter-in-law) donated a full color 8.5x14 fold out center fold spread of the photos from the Swap Meet workers.(A feature that has continued to present day thanks to John & Marcia)

In May Jim Hicks reported to the club that the Kentucky Legislature approved the Bil to create Titles for Project Cars.

2008 was Kyana's first year to participate in the the workings of the Keeneland Concours d'Elegance thanks to the hard work of George Fackler.

The June Sidelight Cover photo was of Jeanne Crawford dressed in the twenties in front of Kirk Rowel's 1911 Marion.  The history of this is that Kirk was the original Editor of The Sidelight and had made a drawing of his Marion for the cover.  Years later when Bob Brown took over as Editor and changed the paper to its current size, not wanting to change his drawing, he chopped off a portion of it to use and it is still part of the cover today.

Discussions were started for the possibility of a trip to Branson, MO for 2009.

In August of 2008 Kyana with the help of Don Dickerson started a project to decorate the empty wall at the back of our club house.  Members were able to get a picture of their car on a 8x10 ceramic tile that would be displayed on the back wall. Today the wall is almost filled.

Kyana participated in the Louisville Concours in October to benefit Brooklawn Childrens Home.

Bob Brown continued to gather information to finish the History that he and Keith Hall had published in 1988.  Past Presidents were incouraged to write the happenings of their term.

The Clubhouse was paid off and we talked about the "adopt a Car" program with AACA, and it was approved by the board.  We chose a '56 Lincoln Mark II in honor of our founding year 1956. A great deal at $500/year.

In the Fall elections for 2009, Kyana re-elected all the officers to another term: George Fackler, President, Chester Robertson, Vice President, Fred Trusty, Secretary, Jim Hicks, Treasurer, Frank Hayden, Steve Koonter, Clarence Chesser and Kenny Mitsch, Directors.

2009-At the Business Meeting in Jan. we had seven pre-members joining the club in addition to the 160 members who were in attendance.

At the Feb. board meeting it was mentioned that we would have 200 extra spaces for the Swap Meet this year.

The 75th AACA National Meet plans were in full swing.  Chairs were being assigned and getting things lined out.

A comprehensive plan was designed for the up keep and grounds additions around the club house, such as trees and landscaping.

The Swap Meet attendance was down about 245 this year.

Sheila Gideon started working on a Cook Book with Kyana Members Recipes.

Libby Miles had the Lap Robe Ministry up and running in July.

Discussions on replacing the roof on the club house are going on, however it looks as if the board will try to wait until Fall.

The board approved a much needed up-grade to the kitchen in the club house.  New counter tops and cabinets were installed.

Due to the flooding in Louisville in September, the Venue of the Adult Christmas Party was changed to the Muhammad Ali Center due to the fact that the Derby museum had been destroyed by water.

Kyana donated $500 to AACA for the Adopt A Car program.


Charles and Mary Boyd were awarded the 2009 Award of Excellence.


Louisville Slugger Bats were made for the AACA 75th Anniversary National Meet.


With the help of the Mustang Club and Corvette Club, Kyana was able to donate over 400 toys to the Toys For Tots Program.


In the Fall elections for 2010, Kyana re-elected all the officers to another term: George Fackler, President, Chester Robertson, Vice President, Fred Trusty, Secretary, Jim Hicks, Treasurer, Frank Hayden, Steve Koonter, Brian Hill and Morgan Howard as directors.  Bob Brown was re-appointed Sidelight Editor and Patsy Basham was appointed chair of the Sick & Visitation and calling committee.  She replaced Evelyn Prewitt, who recieved a standing ovation for years of dedicated service to Kyana.


The other change is that Joyce Purden has replaced George Fackler as Rental Chair for the Clubhouse because she lives so close to theclubhouse.

2010-At the Business Meeting in Jan. we had a full house with members and our nine pre-members.

The Board was happy to report that the Swap Meet was already sold out and the were looking into renting Broadbent Arena. In addition to the Swap Meet, Kyana sold out the Crown Plaza for the 75th AACA Meet.

Carl & Patsy Basham took us for another fine dinner and show at Derby Dinner Playhouse.

Bob Brown started the long process of replacing the photos in the Roster. The board reviewed the the tri-fold flyer for the 75th AACA Meet. George Fackler was looking into an additional tour to Lexington for the National Meet. Kyana also got Louisville Slugger Bats with the logos on them for the Meet. Vice President Robertson had a full calendar of events for Kyana.

In March Kyana lost a member of 42 years. Gus Brackett passed away. Gus and Audrey were the first to arive at events and had the longest drive. Charles Good also passed away. He will be remembered for all his hard work on the Sidelight & Swap Meet.

At the March board meeting the board voted to raise the vendor price by $10 and approved starting a web page for the Swap Meet. Steve Koonter had it set up and and maintained it.

The Board approved purchasing one of each 75th AACA anniversary items for Kyana's Library. They also agreed to purchase a 75th AACA Book for each Kyana Family who worked the meet as well as 50% of the registration and cost to show a car.

Von Mills turned the riens of the Kyana Webpage over to John Brown. There were some changes made to the site due to the age of the program that was used for the site.

May was the first month that the Kyana Identification flags that Earl & Betty Haley and Maureen Vannatta made for Kyana members.

Kyana hosted the 75th Diamond Jubilee Meet for AACA in June. Steve and Janice Koonter chaired a 3 day bus trip to Chicago with about 40 Kyana members at the end of July.

In the November Elections for 2011, Kyana chose Chester Roberson, President, Fred trusty, Vice-President, Mark Kubancik, Secretary, Jim Hicks, Treasurer, Frank Hayden, Steve Koonter, Brian Hill and Morgan Howard , Board of Directors. Bob Brown was re-appointed Editor of the Sidelight, John Brown was re-appointed Webmaster and Patsy Basham was re-appointed to Sick and Visitation and Calling Committee.

2011- Kyana had 29 new members (15 families) join the family at the Jan. Business meeting. Bob Brown received the Master Editors Award for 2010. President Robertson will accept the award for him in Philly. In February, Bob Brown started re-printing the Kyana history in the Sidelight because of the many new members and the last history was printed in 1988 by Keith Hall and Bob Brown.

The Swap Meet was another great success. The April issue of the Sidelight featured a extended length center page with swap meet pictures in color of Kyana members working donated by John & Marcia Brown.

The Vannattas again hosted a wonderfull Spring Hobby Show and Easter Egg


 Hunt. John Brown brought his Tin Lizzy and took pictures of the children in old

hats and such and printed them out right there for the kids to put into the

frames that they made in the craft area.

The Board awareded George Fackler an award for seven years of great leadership.

AACA notified Chester Robertson that Kyana was accepted to host the 2015

National Meet here in Louisville.  In August the board approved to publish the KYANA Cookbook and that the club would provide each family with one copy and additional copies would be available at $5.00 each.

Louisville Concours was again sponsored by Kyana with their many hours of work to make this worthy cause a great event. The Vannattas again chaired the kids tent with entertainment  and fun.

The website continues to change with both the content and the format. John

Brown, Webmaster continues to work with AACA webmaster getting our site up to the guidlines required by National.

In October we featured a past president, Don Wentworth. He was Pres. 1975, 76 and 77. He left Kyana when he moved to the sunny world of Florida.

The board voted to continue the support of the "ADOPT A CAR" program for the AACA Museum.

Kyana attended the Light Up Louisville with several cars.

In the November Elections for 2012 Kyana chose Chester Roberson, President, Fred trusty, Vice-President, Mark Kubancik, Secretary, Jim Hicks, Treasurer, Frank Hayden, Steve Koonter, Brian Hill and Dollie Fleckler, Board of Directors. Bob Brown was re-appointed Editor of the Sidelight, John Brown was re-appointed Webmaster and Patsy Basham was re-appointed to Sick and Visitation and Calling Committee.


(Editors NOTE: This concludes the History that Dad worked on. One of his final instructions to me the week he was in the hospital was to not let the History die with him. I hope you have enjoyed remembering the "old days". There will not be any more History printed in the Sidelight for a few more years. After the first of the year, we will be publishing a second edition of the KYANA HISTORY, which will include 2012.)






More to come as time goes on.....

KYANA history




December 2011 – KYANA hosted 30+ events for the year, which included business meetings, car cruises, AACA meets, holiday parties, etc.  




During 2011 KYANA lost the following family/friends:  Jim Larkin, Layne Michler, Ken Daugherty, Michael Crawford, Bob Weixler, and Kelvin Napper.








2012 Board of Directors:  Chester Robertson (President and co-chair of the Swap Meet), Fred Trusty (Vice-President), Jim Hicks (Treasurer), Mark Kubancik (Secretary), Steve Koonter (Co-chair of the Swap Meet), Frank Hayden (Membership), Brian Hill (Clubhouse & Grounds), Dollie Flechler (Media)




KYANA has 16 new families (pre-members) for 2012.  The Swap Meet is set for March 9-11.  John Brown (KYANA Webmaster and Sidelight editor) won the Master Webmaster Award for the year of 2011, and his father Bob won the Master Editor Award again.




During the first month of 2012 we lost 2 important members, Bob Brown, who had been Sidelight editor and publisher for 33 years, and Leonard Shouse, Mr. Mustang, who had been in the club 27 years.




John Brown replaced his father as Sidelight Editor.




Since the pictures in the KYANA roster have deteriorated over the years, we are taking new pictures for the 2012 roster.




Kyana now has over 20 members who are AACA judges and travel the US (fly, drive, and carpool) to judge these meets.   In 2012 we have been represented in Melbourne, FL; Charlotte, NC (6 members attended);  Reading, PA (13 members attended); Shelbyville, TN (31 members attending);  Cedar Rapids, MI (5 members attended); Canyon, TX (attended by Fred Trusty);  Hershey, PA (26 members attended)




March 9-11 KYANA Swap Meet held steady with attendance and income.




The dates have been set for the AACA 80th Anniversary meet to be held in Louisville.  They are July 15-18, 2015.




April 28 -- The roof on the KYANA storage shed was replaced with metal at the Spring Cleanup.




KYANA donated $7,500 to the WHAS Crusade for Children.




June 2012 – Air conditioner anti-theft guards were installed thanks to Fred Trusty and Chester Robertson.




New roof was installed by KYANA member Brian Koressel.  Also ramp replacement is completed.




Due to current club membership exceeding the bylaws’ limit of 250, we will be unable to accept pre-member applications for the club in 2012.




A 1940 Whizzer was donated to the AACA Museum by KYANA’s Michael and Mary O’Keefe.  KYANA is using its Adopt-A-Car Program to help maintain this bike.  Our name, website, and region logo will be on a sign at the bike’s display, and the club will receive a certification of adoption of the bike.




Club members/friends lost in 2012:  Bob Brown, Leonard Shouse, Charlie Boyd, Mary Boyd, Douglas Purdon, Martha Shouse & Richard Brown.




2013 – 




2013 Board of Directors – Fred Trusty (President), Chester Robertson (Vice President and co-chair of the Swap Meet), Jim Hicks (Treasurer), Mark Kubancik (Secretary), Steve Koonter (Co-chair of the Swap Meet), Brian Hill (Clubhouse & Grounds), Dollie Flechler (Sidelight Publisher), Glen Ray will replace Frank Hayden (Membership).




The Sidelight turns 50.




February 7-10 AACA National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.  John Brown was appointed to the AACA Publications Committee at the AACA Annual Meeting.  John was also presented with the Master Editor Award and was awarded the Award of Distinction for KYANA’s website.




Lakeland, FL -- Chester Robertson received the Senior Masters Award for earning 150 credits, Bill Willhoite, Dick Renders, and Julia Renders received Master Judge Awards and Donald Wentworth (past President of KYANA) was inducted into the Honor Society for Retired Judges.




April 5-6 -- Charlotte, NC.   Ronnie Rudolph received a Senior Master Judge Award.




May 10-11 --  Auburn, IN, AACA Central Division Spring Meet.  Charles Taylor was acknowledged for attaining his Team Captain status.  KYANA presented $1000 to AACA from the Swap Meet account to update and upgrade computer services. 




Oct. 8-12 – Hershey, PA  AACA.   Melinda Hill received her Master Judge Award.




KYANA 2013 events, etc.




January 20 – Business Meeting.  Joe Dawson was presented with the Award of Excellence.  Michael & Mary O’Keefe were presented with a plaque for their contribution of a 1946 Whizzer to the AACA Museum.




Neil White is taking over advertising for the KYANA Swap Meet and Mark Kubancik took over inside security from George Fackler.  




March 8-9 – KYANA Swap Meet was again a success with attendance up.




KYANA has a By-Law Change.  Pre-members must be sponsored by a present KYANA member in good standing who has a minimum of two years regular membership.  Members may not sponsor in consecutive years or sponsor more than one pre-member in the same year.  Sponsors must attend at leave 6 events with their pre-member.




Dollie Flechler takes over as Editor & Publisher of the Sidelight and Dick Renders assumes the role of Webmaster.




The Board passed a motion that beginning in January 2014, KYANA perform a bi-annual review by a certified accountant of all club assets.




October – Chester Robertson was asked to run for the AACA National Board.




December 1 – Adult Christmas Party.  The Award of Excellence was presented to Jim & Joyce Burch and Charles & Barbara Taylor for their many years of service to Kyana.




Commercial grade vinyl plank-type flooring was installed in the basement of the clubhouse and new rubber covering was installed on the stairs.




Club members/friends lost in 2013:  Pam Moody 3/31, Tommy Williams 4/10, Evelyn Prewitt 5/28, Ron Miller 9/4, and Ray Wesner 10/16.



2014 Board of Directors:  Fred Trusty (President), Chester Robertson (Vice President and Swap Meet Co-Chair), Mark Kubancik (Secretary), Dollie Flechler (Treasurer and Sidelight Editor), Steve Koonter (Swap Meet Co-Chair), Brian Hill (Clubhouse and Grounds), Glen Ray (Membership) and Neil White (Swap Meet Marketing).   After 15 years of outstanding service as Treasurer, Jim Hicks will retire and Dollie Flechler will replace him.  Dick Renders will continue as Webmaster.

January 2014 – Chester Robertson was inducted as an AACA National Director VP of Legislation, AssistantVP Development & Support Southeastern Division and serves on the following AACA National committees:  Volunteer Recruitment, Event Planning & Development, Life Membership Endowment and Library & Research.

February 2014 –AACA meeting in Philadelphia; Jim Joseph attends the Chief Judge class in order to be Chief Judge at the 2015 AACA meet in Louisville and  Dollie Flechler receives the AACA Editor’s award for the Sidelight.  John & Dollie Flechler attend the Registration class in order to be registration chairpersons for the 2015 meet.

February 2014 – AACA meet in Port St. Lucie, FL – Mark Kubancik received a Senior Judges Award 10-credits; Dollie & John Flechler received their Senior Master Judges Award 25-credits; Brian Hill received aSenior Master Judges Award 50-credits.

May 8-10, 2014 – AACA meet in Auburn, IN – Charles Taylor was inducted into the Judges Honor Society. Charles is a Senior Master Judge with 129 credits for judging and has 6 credits as a Certified Team Captain.  Charles has been judging automobiles for the AACA for 50 years.

June 2014 – AACA meet and Grand National meet in Lebanon, TN – Dick and Julie Renders received the Senior Master Judging level with 25 credits and Steve Koonter was recognized for having 100 judging credits.

July 2014 – The Clubhouse parking lot was repaved.August 2014 -- AACA meet Lincoln, NE – Fred Trusty received his Senior Master Judging award for having50 judging credits.

Sept. 18-20, 2014 – AACA meet in Big Sky, Montana – Chester Robertson received his pin for Certified Team Captain.

Oct. 10-11, 2014 – AACA meet in Hershey, PA – Ruth Hill was acknowledged for reaching the Senior Master Judging level with 50 credits.

Club members/friends lost in 2014:  Leonilda “Nell” Brown 2/9, Danny Alexander 6/2, Randy Jamison 6/11, Juanita Alwes 9/8, Audrey Brackett 11/15


2015 –


2015 Board of Directors:  Fred Trusty (President), Chester Robertson (Vice President and Swap Meet Co-Chair), Mark Kubancik (Secretary), Pat Palmer-Ball (Treasurer), Steve Koonter (Swap Meet Co-Chair), Brian Hill (Clubhouse and Grounds), Ronnie Rudolph (Membership) and Neil White (Swap Meet Marketing).  


Dollie Flechler will continue as Sidelight Editor for KYANA, will serve as Chairman of the Judges Records for the AACA meets, as well as being registration chairman for the 80th AACA National meet in Louisville.   Dick Renders will continue as Webmaster.


By-Law Change -- The maximum number of KYANA members was raised from 250 to 275.


The 2015 pre-members are:  Jerry & Carol Bass, Robert Brown Jr., Dennis Buchholz & Melody Welsh, John Clark, Paul Davis, Lyle & Betsy Donahew, Alex Drury, Mike & Margi Farrell, Tony & Debbie Foster, David & Darlene Goddard, Lynn & Gwynee Harpring, Alethea Hayes, Robert Johnson, Jim & Angie Logue, Ronnie Long, Jim & Karen Parrish, Jim & Barbara Snyder, Brian & Kelly Wilcher, Alex & Rebecca Wilkins.


At the AACA annual meeting in Philadelphia, the KYANA Sidelight Newsletter received an Award of Excellence and the Webpage received an Award of Distinction.  John Flechler became the new AACA Chairman for Continuing Judges Education, replacing John LaBar.


A Car Corral was added to the 2015 Swap Meet.


May 2015—Kathy Heath has taken over as Sidelight Editor.


July 15-18 – KYANA hosts the 80th AACA National Meet.  Judges Awards received at the 80th:  Dollie and John Flechler received their 50th judging credit award, Dwight Hardesty received his 75th judging credit award, and Chester Robertson received his 175th judging credit award.  KYANA had 41 members who received AACA vehicle awards at the show.


KYANA Region AACA, a 501(c)7 social club, has added KYANA Charities Inc, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and KYSWAP INC a C-corp.  The fiscal year end for all three will be June 30.  These changes were made to be in full compliance with the IRS.  There will be a temporary board for the new KYANA Charities made up of the same members as the 501(c)7 until a new board can be elected for July 1.


At the Awards and Election Meeting, an Award of Excellence was given to Carl and Patsy Basham for their hard work and dedication to KYANA and the AACA Extra Mile Award was given to Sherry Myers for going the extra mile on her National Corvette Museum Tour to Bowling Green KY.


Club members/friends lost in 2015:  Earl Haley 3/16, Karen Parrish (pre-member) 6/11, Charles Taylor 7/11, Joseph Dawson 8/20, Charles Reasor (former member) 8/25, Robert Hughes 9/22, Mary Smith 10/11?, Jim Burch 10/27, William Curl Jr. 11/5






2016 –




2016 Board of Directors for KYANA Region AACA:  Fred Trusty (President), Chester Robertson (Vice President and Swap Meet Co-Chair), Mark Kubancik (Secretary), Pat Palmer-Ball (Treasurer), Steve Koonter (Board), Brian Hill (Clubhouse and Grounds), Ronnie Rudolph (Membership) and Neil White (Swap Meet Marketing).  Perry Probst will replace Steve Koonter as Swap Meet Co-Chair, Kathy Heath will remain Sidelight Editor, and Dick Renders will continue as Webmaster.




Our pre-members for 2016 are:   Brian & Lynne Valentine, Joshua & Emily Foster, Anthony & Marilyn Clayton, Tim & Cheryl Traux, Matthew & Alishia Duvall, Steve & Judy Lippman, John & Becky Hurst, Wayne & Donna Hartman.




February – John & Dollie Flechler won the Samuel E. Bailey Memorial Award at the AACA Annual Meeting held in Philadelphia in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the improvement of performance in the AACA Judging System.




May – Auburn AACA meet – 4 judges met milestones.  Kevin Alwes 10 credits, Kathy Heath 50 credits, Jim Joseph 50 credits, Brian Hill 50 credits.  4 Kyana cars received awards, John and Dollie Flechler’s 1967 Pontiac Lemans received a repeat DPC, Eric and Melinda Hill’s 1916 Model T received a repeat Preservation along with Century status, Hunt and Pat Palmer-Ball’s 1967 Shelby GT-350 won its senior award, Jim and Sandy Joseph’s 1964 Corvette won its senior award.




The mission statement of KYANA Charities is “Supporting local charities through automotive history.”




KYSWAP is a for profit corporation doing business as KYANA Swap Meet.  KYSWAP  is a wholly owned subsidiary of KYANA Charities Inc. and the officers are appointed by the KYANA Charities Board of Directors.  The new officers of KYSWAP are:  President – Chester Robertson; Vice-President – Perry Probst; and Treasurer – Pat Palmer-Ball.




The first election was held for the board of directors of KYANA Charities in May.  The format of the election was:  the three candidates with the most votes will serve a three-year term, the three candidates with the next number of votes will serve a two-year term, and the three candidates with the next number of votes will serve a one-year term.




KYANA Charities elected board of directors:


3-year term – Perry Probst, Alan Vannatta, Neil White


2-year term – Jesse Foster, Pat Palmer-Ball, Chester Robertson


1-year term – Lynn Harpring, Brian Hill, Charlie Myers




The first task of the board was to appoint the officers of the corporation.  Officers can be chosen from the general membership or they can also be a board member BUT only board members have voting rights.




Officers of KYANA Charities:


Chairman of the Board – Neil White


President – Fred Trusty


Vice President – Lynn Harpring


Secretary – Beverly Foster


Treasurer – Pat Palmer-Ball




Board members were appointed to head various committees:


Contributions – Pat Palmer-Ball


Event Planning – Chester Robertson


Fundraising – Alan Vannatta


Investments – Lynn Harpring


Legislation – Charlie Myers


Membership – Perry Probst


Communications – Chester Robertson


Real Estate – Brian Hill




October – AACA Eastern Fall Meet, Hershey, PA – Fred Trusty received an award for earning his 75th judging credit and Dolly & John Flechler received an award for attending all the meets in 2016.








Club members/friends lost in 2016:   Zachary Alwes 5/24, Mabel Hardesty 8/13, Mary Ash 9/12, Kenneth Holien 9/14, Gregory Hardin 12/3, John Caperton II 12/7?, and Philip Paul Ash, Jr. 12/30